Who We Are?


Nyanga is primarily a tourist town and is a popular tourist destination with its fishing, golf courses, mountain hikes and holiday resorts. Moreover, Nyanga hosts a vibrant community with a strong cultural and spiritual background, all of which need to be recognized as one of Zimbabwe’s prized possessions. As such we as Nhimbe Trust, want to introduce an arts festival in Nyanga town to further unlock the tourism potential – value-addition of beautiful sceneries and cultural heritage the town is well known for. The Nyanga Arts Festival thrives to be the leading heritage tourism based festival in Africa by year 2027.


The inaugural edition scheduled for 26-30 October, is projected to host 10,000 attendees from all over the world. The festival will offer top-drawer live performances, exhibitions and heritages tours across the Nyanga Resort town and its surroundings.  The Festival is expected to reach over 30 countries via digital live streaming.
The festival will also act as a platform to bring awareness to important social and environmental issues with an end goal to improve lives, preserve their natural resources and ultimately, benefit the Nyanga community.


To ensure that Nyanga becomes the Leading global eco-friendly heritage tourism destination


To ensure that Nyanga becomes the Leading global eco-friendly heritage tourism destination

Equity Statement

Nyanga Arts Festival, is committed to honouring the value and dignity of all individuals. Through our work, we pledge to foster an environment that respects diversity, inclusion and accessibility, so that all who travel here feel welcome.

Core Values

As an organisation, we value


As a tourism destination, the Nyanga Arts Festival offers a diverse array of destinations, activities and events. As a workplace, we value the wide array of backgrounds, opinions and work styles our employees and volunteers bring to the table


All employees, volunteers and our peer in the Nyanga tourism industry work together, collaborate and help each other towards the same goal of promoting Nyanga as a great place to visit.


Whether it’s a promise to travellers, our industry peers or each other, we accomplish what we set out to do and strive to exceed expectations with each annual edition of the Nyanga Arts Festival, while remaining environmentally and economically sustainable and hunhu/ubuntu.


Creativity is essential for finding new solutions to environmental challenges. Artists and creators have an enormous role to play in inspiring climate action.

Exceptional customer service.

Our customer service is second to none and always delivered with a smile

The hosting of the inaugural Nyanga Arts Festival is a much welcome development for the Cultural and Creative Sector (CCS) in Zimbabwe and provides proof that the sector has managed to pick itself up….

NACZ Director, Nicholas Moyo

What a unique intervention! I implore the people of Nyanga to ensure by all means possible that this festival becomes a reflection and a productive manifestation of sustainability over the years…..

patron - chief saunyama

It was our point of view pertaining to such immense beauty that the missing cherry on the cake was a cultural attraction, hence the founding of the Nyanga Arts Festival……..

festival executive producer- founder - josh nyapimbi